Tuesday, 12 July 2011

First Caballero now Lara gets robbed what's next?

After watching former Cuban amateur star Erislandy Lara get robbed this past weekend against Paul Williams I couldn't help but to think about former WBA/IBF super bantamweight champion Celestino Caballero who was also robbed in this title fight against relatively unknown Argentine champion Jonathan Victor Barros in Argentina.

Not many boxing fans knew of Barros except some of us who may of seen him lose a unanimous decison to Cuban rising star Yuriorkis Gamboa early last year in Hamburg, Germany. Barros not only had been dropped in round 8 he had been outclassed by the faster and talented now WBA/IBF super featherweight champion Gamboa. I didn't know of this fight until I spoke to Jeff Mayweather who has been working Caballero's corner for a couple of fights.

Jeff kept me up to date on Caballero's training leading up to this fight. From Panama to Argentina boxing gyms I saw how hard Celestino had trained only to get robbed of another world title which is why I am so upset on the outcome. Hard work is supposed to pay off unfortunately not this time around.

Caballero is best known for his unanimous decision over Daniel Ponce de Leon in an IBF super bantamweight title eliminator which took place Feb.17, 2005. November 21st of 2008 Caballero travelled to Canada to challenge IBF super bantamweight champion Steve Molitor in a unification bout. This fight between Canada versus Panama took place one hour and a half away from Toronto in Orillia, Ontario. The venue Casino Rama none other than home of the Canadian kid Molitor. It only took Celestino 4 rounds to stop Molitor becoming at the time the IBF/WBA super bantamweight champion of the world. Caballero had predicted a KO win and he pretty much got what he had called a TKO victory.

Ever since that visit to Toronto, I have kept contact with El Pelenchin, I've followed his career carefully. I love the fact that Caballero is always willing to fight the best. Caballero has always been willing to travel anywhere in the world in hopes of becoming one of boxing's best. Celestino has travelled around the US, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Thailand, Canada and now Argentina in hopes of trying to capture more titles. Caballero has called out the best both JuanMa Lopez and Yuriorkis Gamboa for quite some time yet he hasn't got an answer back. I believe any fighter that has the balls to travel the world, a fighter that never backs down from a challenge is what makes a true champion.

Now getting back to this week's fight I compared both Williams Vs Lara to Barros Vs Caballero and just like I had given Williams a few round I had also scored a few rounds in favor of Barros nothing more.

Lara was too dam slick for Williams just like Caballero was too slick for Barros. Lara's great foot work was the key to beating Williams of course the Cuban couldn't miss with his LEFT. Caballero's cover up which somewhat resembled Floyd Mayweather's defense made Barros miss all night long. It's funny how Barros walked in the ring dancing around with pure confidence only to get outboxed for 12 rounds. In the end it didn't matter how good both Lara and Caballero looked the judges were watching other fights either that or they are blind like a bat to give such bad score-cards.

Bad decisions like these in boxing are what hurt this great sport. I have not seen robberies like these in quite some time. Two weeks in a row doesn't look good I sure hope we don't have another bad decision ever again yet I got the feeling more and more robberies will continue to happen in boxing.

Most recently I got the chance to once again talk to El Pelenchin Caballero regarding his most recent fight here's what Celestino's thoughts were on both Williams Vs Lara's outrageous outcome as well as his intake on his fight against WBA featherweight champion Barros.

Will we see another fight between you versus Barros?

Well in regards to getting a rematch against Barros right at this very moment we are trying to see what the WBA can do for us hopefully we can do it one more time. I believe in order to beat Barros I will have to knock him out. A rematch would only be fair in a neutral country if not let it be here in Panama.

Rumors are your thinking of retiring true or false?

"Yes indeed I've thought of retirement however if the right fight is lined up for me especially a title fight I'm willing to continue boxing"

Let's say you can't get an immediate rematch against Barros any chance of you versus Litzau one more time?

"Even a rematch against Jason Litzau is possible"

Speaking of bad decision how about Williams vs Lara what did you think of this outcome?

"As far as Williams Vs Lara goes I knew once I heard the first score card something bad would happen.
Paul Williams ain't nothing, I don't think he will be able to beat Sergio Martinez"

Well there you have it Caballero's thought being exactly the same as mine. I'm sure nobody can disagree with everything said by Celestino.

I just hope El Pelenchin can very well get his rematch against Barros he sure deserves it!

Caballero winning 8 out of 12 rounds while scoring two knockdowns one in the first and the second being in the 9th round one just can't argue the Panamanian should have won. Split decision victory for Barros was only a gift so that the Argentine could keep the title in Argentina.

For those of you who missed both fights here are the judges score-cards:

Williams versus Lara
Judges Don Givens (116-114) and Hilton Whitaker II (115-114) both favored Williams, while Al Bennett scored it even at 114-114.

My score card 9 rounds in favor of Lara with only 3 rounds for Williams.

Barros versus Caballero
Judges Sergo Caiz (114-112) and Denny Nelson (116-111) both scored it for Barros meanwhile Cesar Ramos had it scored (111-115) in favor of Caballero

I scored it 115-111 in favor of Caballero just like Cesar Ramos.

For those who have not yet seen Caballero versus Barros here's the fight you be judge!

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